4 Reasons To Choose The Eaton 9PX

If you want energy-efficient UPS for Datacenters and IT rooms and Infrastructure, then the Eaton 9PX is one you shouldn’t miss out. It delivers double conversion protection with up to 40% less energy consumption.

Reliability And Added Power

The 9PX was designed to maximize your entire IT system’s availability. Its battery runtime is now longer than ever, primarily because it has swappable batteries. Not only that, but it also has both internal and optional maintenance bypass.

This UPS has amplified its power by allowing to you connect to more devices and electronics. It provides wattage up to 28% more than the traditional UPS.


With up a 93% rating of proficiency in a normal mode, the double-conversion 9PX was labeled as the most potent and efficient UPS in the inventory. It also has an improved and upgraded battery life because of Eaton offering ABM technology that allows the battery service to increase to up to 50%. How does it work, you ask? ABM technology has a technique that uses three-stage charging. It observes battery health up close to announce an advanced notice when your batteries require replacement.

Intelligent Power Manager (IPM)

If you integrate your bundled IPM software, managing and monitoring your network power devices will become a piece of cake.

IPM enables you to:

  • Manage and observe multiple devices at once from one interface across your network; you can also integrate this into a platform of virtualization, such as Citrix, Microsoft, or VMware.
  • Suspend virtual machines that are non-critical and consolidate those that are. To extend the runtime of your battery, you can also shut down unused servers.
  • Because of the new UCS management software, you can set limits to servers that have a stronghold on power consumption to extend your battery runtime.

Graphical LCD interface

The 9PX has a way of making local management quick as a pie. Its LCD interface allows a tile of 45 degrees to get that optimal view, is rotatable for installations of rack and tower, and provides the optimal information on the measurements and status of your UPS. The 9PX also has a bright display of primary data such as its alarm history, efficiency rating, remaining runtime, and others in graphical format. For a longer runtime, it also provides EBMs that line and match.

Its runtime is also scalable – making it perfect for stand-alone and rack installations. The Eaton 9PX is the ultimate UPS for managers of IT and Facilities that are want to improve cost-effectiveness while still having the best solution for power protection.