Different Types of Contemporary Bedroom Furniture

Selecting the right bedroom furniture is very important as not only does it improve the appearance of the room, it also adds warmth, makes the room look cozy, and speaks about your taste. There are various styles of furniture available for the bedroom but the one that is now most popular is the contemporary bedroom furniture. There are various types of contemporary bedroom furniture that you must consider investing in and we shall learn about them right away.

Bed Frames

The bed usually takes the maximum space in every bedroom and so you must give enough importance to a bed frame. You can get them in many sizes – king, queen, full, and twin. You also have many contemporary styles to choose from like some are plain and some come with footboards and headboards. Contemporary bed frames are made using many different types of materials and thus it only increases your choices.


Apart from the bed, the piece of furniture that is most significant is the dressers. The standard varieties of contemporary dressers have a height that is going to be close to your waist level and can have 6-9 drawers. There also are dressers that can be taller than these and they usually have lesser drawers. You may even opt for the armoire type of dressers that have shelves, drawers, and may have extra space for storing clothing or other items.


Nightstands not only add to the final look they are also very useful as you can store essentials in them that you want to be within your reach all the time. The ideal height of a nightstand generally matches the top of the mattress, and as far as styles are concerned you can select from those that have shelves, drawers, or maybe a combination of these two. Usually, nightstands are made of wood and the high-end varieties are crafted out of oak, mahogany, or pine.


Wardrobes also form an important part of contemporary bedroom furniture and they offer enough space for storage. You can opt for the custom-fitted ones, which are more modern but may even go for the freestanding varieties. The custom-fitted ones help make correct use of the available space and the freestanding ones are more affordable.


Vanities add a sense of style and elegance to your modern bedroom and also are very functional. They serve as an area wherein you can complete your everyday personal care and grooming sessions like applying makeup, styling hair, and so on. Vanities come with a mirror and have space beneath to accommodate a stool or bench. You may even opt for vanities with drawers wherein you can store your makeup and styling accessories.

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