Hired A Company To Do Epoxy Flooring Cape Town Area

I wanted to come up with a flooring solution in my basement. I really didn’t want to have carpet put down and I was thinking of other flooring options. I had a few friends over one night and I asked them what they thought I should do for the flooring in the basement. I showed them what I was working with which was cement. One of my friends asked me if I had ever seen epoxy flooring and told me how nice it looked. After he told me that I looked it up to see what it was. It could go over the cement that was already in the basement. I really liked the look of it and told him I was going to look into it more.

After my friends left I started searching for epoxy flooring Cape Town area. I wanted to see which companies in the area offered this service. I also wanted to compare companies to find the cheapest one around to do it. I started making phone calls and gave them the measurements of the basement. I was able to get a few estimates over the phone and compared the prices of the ones I got. Before hiring any company to do the work I wanted to learn more about them. I searched for reviews about the companies that did epoxy flooring Cape Town area to see what I could find out. It turned out the one company that gave me the cheapest quote, also had the best reviews. I decided to hire them for the job and called them back to set up an appointment with them.

This company was able to start working on my flooring the following week. They were able to quickly get my flooring in the basement done and I am amazed at how much better it has made my basement look. I am really happy with the flooring that I chose and I am glad I didn’t get carpet. It wasn’t really that expensive to have done and it really made it look nice. I love the flooring and invited my friend over that recommended it so he could see it. He agreed it was the best option for the basement and said it looks just as nice as he thought it would look and is even thinking about getting it now.