Physical Therapy Virginia Beach: Know the Different Massage Therapy Treatments

Physical therapists help people in treating different kinds of pain in their bodies. Expertise was able to list 112 physical therapy Virginia Beach professionals and rank 19 of them based on multiple criteria. However, many types of physical and massage therapy exist not just in Virginia Beach but also in other places. For this reason, everyone should be familiar with different types of physical and massage therapy so that they could find the type of therapy that will best fit their needs. Fortunately, it’s easy to find various information about physical and massage therapy on the internet.

Physical therapy could be categorized in many different ways. There is pediatric physical therapy, which is a type of physical therapy applied for kids. Children need assistance in strengthening their bones and their muscles. With that, specific methods and techniques need to be applied to children to achieve this result. Oftentimes, these methods tend to differ from the ones used for adults. Speaking of adults, as people get older, their bones and muscles grow weaker due to age. This is where geriatric physical therapy comes in. This type of physical therapy is common, and it focuses on how to help older patients deal with weaker muscles and improve their posture while preventing injuries from happening in the future.

In addition to these types, there are also types of physical therapy depending on the concerned body part. Orthopedic physical therapy focuses on relieving injuries in the muscles. Cardio and pulmonary physical therapy, on the contrary, seeks to help people experiencing lung and health problems by adding more endurance to certain muscles. Vestibular rehabilitation treats dizziness and other problems related to balance while neurological physical therapy tackles issues related to the brain and the spine.

Finally, there are also different kinds of massage therapy depending on numerous categories. The most common type of massage therapy is the Swedish massage, which helps relax the joints and muscles with moderate pressure. There is also deep tissue massage, which goes deeper into the muscle and even tendons using greater amounts of pressure. Trigger point massage combines methods from Swedish and deep tissue massage therapies to pinpoint certain parts of the body that cause pain in other body parts, called “trigger points.” Other types of massage therapy also focus on certain types of people, such as pregnant women and athletes, and use different types of medicines for added effect, including heated stones and essential oils.

There is no doubt that both physical and massage therapy can help people with their problems. However, before looking at physical therapy Virginia Beach, you should find first the best type of physical and/or massage therapy that will suit your needs and then search for the best physical therapist in your area.