Frequently Asked Questions About Belt Conveyors

Before trying to buy the best conveyor belts out there, you have to find answers to some of the basic questions frequently asked about the product. Then and only then can you make an informed choice regarding which conveyor to buy for your business. Here are some of those frequently asked questions as follows:

Belt Conveyors FAQ

How Long Will It Last?

The product application and longevity may vary depending on the materials used to create this particular tool. Some belts conveyor  last for about a few weeks, while others can surely last for up to 10 years.

The specific design and maintenance play a role in extending the potential life of this product. So take note of the manufacturing company before deciding to buy a conveyor belt for your factory.

How Does One Ensure Proper Tension For Belts During Installation?

Experts install and track conveyor belts using instinct or innate feel. They do this without a specific goal or target. After this, the system is turned on, and attention is subsequently adjusted to prevent delays or to stop while the staff is loading the product.

Will Using V-Guide Improve Tracking?

No. The V-Guide is just an additional tool for your conveyor system to assist in steering and to navigate the belt. The accuracy of your system depends on the ultimate design. The optimum design will affect belt tracking positively. Also, you have to install proper crowns on the pulleys to make it work smoothly.

How Many V-Guides Are Necessary For a Belt?

Under normal circumstances, one conveyor belt only needs one guide. You should then adhere to the V-Guide to the centerline of the belt. The line is on the pulley side. 

This division is also known as the CPS. There are specific measurements needed for the groove in the pulley to make it work properly. These are as follows: ¼ inch wide and 1/16 inches deeper than the actual V-Guide. These measurements will allow the critical amount of movement required.


These are just some of the most asked questions regarding conveyor belts. It is something to think about before purchasing one for business. Knowing these bits of information will help you make a wiser decision regarding which product to use in the future.