Ventless Gas Fireplaces Make for Efficient and Convenient Heating

Fireplaces need vents or chimneys to take away the unburnt fuel and residue to prevent the pollution of the living space that is being heated. Increased efficiency of fireplaces where burning reduces this unburnt portion of the fuel can function without any need for vents.

Ventless gas fireplaces are appliances that are 99.9 percent efficient in the burning of the fuel and lead to very clean burning. They do this by very precisely burning the gas after mixing it with oxygen from within the room so that the combustion is complete and leaves no residue or unburnt fuel. This is a technology that was first used in 1980 and has since developed to include sensors that can detect the depletion of oxygen and turn of the gas from the heaters.

These fireplaces take air from within the room, and if this air contains any odors from freshers or other cleaning products used in the room, they will burn with that odor. The clogging of air intakes or inadequate gas supply can also affect the efficiency of ventless gas fireplaces. These fireplaces come with warranties and have a life of at least ten years. You can get models that have manual control, electronic ignition or function with remote controls. Heaters can also have thermostats that allow for easy control of required temperatures.

These fireplaces can be easily installed in any location as long as you have a wall outlet and sufficient refills to keep them burning. They can function with electricity, gas or gels. Installation can be made in any part of a room or building. There will never be any danger of fires caused by sparks or embers that is often a problem with traditional fireplaces. In large rooms, you can set up a number of units at various places to heat up the entire space, and this is especially useful in restaurants.