Entreprise Générale de Rénovation – Choose wood

Five good reasons to choose wood for your home extension

For your home extension, Deco Smart – entreprise générale de rénovation –  gives you five good reasons to bet on wood!

Wood is more economical than a masonry extension.

Custom made in a workshop, the wooden extension is less expensive than a traditional masonry construction. This is mainly due to a shorter construction time, and therefore shorter interventions to bill.

The wood is light

Hard to make lighter than wood for a solid and durable expansion frame over time! Wood is 5 times lighter than brick. This presents a certain advantage for a project of extension in height. To elevate your house or to suspend your expansion on an exterior wall, wood offers the best solution.

As part of an extension project in elevation, have the maximum load that your foundations can support … wood will be an asset in this project!

The wood is modular

With a wooden enlargement, anything is possible. Tailor-made, you can create the architectural form that suits you, from the cube to the extension in rounded via an extension in L.

Discuss with an architect to work together to define your needs, your material choices and the best architectural solution for your home enlargement.

Tip: it is possible to make a wood extension on stilts in the case of sloping terrain in particular.

Wood adds cachet to your home

By betting on a final wooden siding, you give a contemporary touch to your home, which until then seemed ordinary to you. Opt for the best quality of wood possible for finishes that stand in time.

Good to know: a wooden cladding requires regular maintenance unlike a classic plaster. Both are feasible on a wood frame extension.

The wood mixes perfectly with glass or steel

For a resolutely modern extension, you can choose a mix of material:

Wood and steel to give an industrial appearance, and offer lightness to your extension.

Wood and glass for a natural touch and maximum opening on the outside.