Loft Conversion: When You Need More Living Space

Converting an unused below-the- ceiling space to create an open area and to enhance living space is popular among people who live in the city. services can help you create more space, whether you’re living in an apartment or a townhouse. 

Extend Your Existing Roof

A type of loft conversion known as a dormer is one of the most popular, and this is an extension of an existing roof. This project is a vertical extension to give you more floor space and a lot of headroom. A dormer applies to most homes as well as terraced, semi-detached and detached houses. 

Use A Mansard Loft Conversion  

A mansard conversion is a design where the roof is flat with the back wall sloping inwardly at 72 degrees. It is constructed at the rear of a house. This will improve space but will need some planning permission, and thus you need a professional loft conversion company to help you get this done correctly.

Upgrade Your Roof

If you don’t want to make any changes with the structure of the roof, then you can use a Velux conversion. It is roof extension because there are no changes done to the roof, and thus there are no planning permissions needed. In a Velux, large windows or skylights will be added to the roofline to open up a below ceiling space. This roof upgrade will give you a feeling of freedom and space. 

The Cost Of Loft Conversion

Are you better of converting your loft or just looking for a new spacious property instead? Usually, property owners consider any roof-related job very costly, but actually, this is not always the case. You may only need an upgrade like a Velux conversion, and therefore, it’s very affordable, especially when you hire a trusted loft conversion expert. Consider a free quote to find out about a company’s services and the cost of a loft conversion for your property before you start hiring anyone. 

Get A Loft Conversion Quote

A quote or an estimate will help you decide which company to go with. Consider the company’s experience, expertise, and the cost of the project. Take three or more loft conversion companies to get the best business for your needs.