3 Design Styles For Custom Devon Kitchens To Choose From

Sourced from the finest materials and featuring the highest quality designs, custom Devon kitchens can make any space both personal and wholly functional. Most trustworthy local companies offer comprehensive customization options that allow for the selection of finishes, materials, and different kitchen cabinet door designs. Below, we will highlight three of the most popular kitchen designs available locally!

1. Modern

Modern kitchens are constantly changing and evolving to bring to light cultural innovations and popular trends. Usually, most modern cabinet systems consist of sleek finishes, steel products, and engineered surfaces that are resistant to daily wear and tear. These types of kitchens take advantage of horizontal spaces in the kitchen and have an extremely bold and luxurious appearance.

2. Contemporary

Unlike modern kitchens, contemporary cabinetry is the right balance of traditional and modern. These kitchens often feature appliances that are built into the cabinetry while the cabinet doors themselves have a flat panel. This means that the panel found in the center of the door doesn’t bear a raised design and covers the entirety of the frame which lends itself to creating a sleek and clean elegant look.

3. Traditional

Unlike modern and contemporary Devon kitchens, opting for a traditional kitchen means selecting the right blend of comfort and classic designs. Usually, these kitchens are designed using warmer colors and employ the use of symmetrical lines. In fact, there’s a major focus on the design details in traditional kitchens, including enhanced character. Choice materials for a traditional kitchen will include natural wood finishes, lightly painted wood, and virtually no manmade materials.

A custom fitted kitchen is the answer to making the most of any kitchen space. Firms can help you choose the materials and finishes that meet your needs best while working with you to design a kitchen that’s both beautiful and functional.