The Best Pets for Pests

Household pets can be vigilant defenders of your home from irritating pests scurrying around. Not only would your pets want a piece of the exterminating action, but they would also do it gladly and often with efficiency. For widespread infestations, then pets would not cut it, and you would need the services of a pest control Gilbert AZ firm. But if you need a little help, then these are some of the best pets for pests. 



If you want to reduce your rat problems down to nearly zero, then look no further than a pet cat. With their sharp teeth and claws, agility, and nimble footwork, felines are mostly able to catch their prey rats. The mere presence of cats dissuades rodents and would make them think twice about running around the house. Cats also have eyes for cockroaches, though you might not want them playing with such. 


Snakes, especially ball pythons and corn snakes, are becoming common household pets. There is a rising demand for domesticated snakes since they are more docile and less aggressive than their counterparts in the wild. They require less space and are low maintenance; the bare minimum is enough. Their diet can consist of birds, rats, and numerous insects, making them a perfect anti-pest animal. Live feeding can be harmful to them; keep this in mind and make sure you are ready. 


Birds are great pets for their elegance and intelligence. They don’t need a lot of maintenance, and they only want ample space to move in to make them happy. Keep them out of the reach of your cats, though. Most house birds tend to be herbivores, but some species also eat worms and insects. 


The diet of a turtle depends on where they live. When cared for, they can live for decades on end. They require quite the care, however. Maintaining these shelled pets requires you putting up a tank, complete with a basking area, a heater, and a filter. But they are fascinating animals to have in your home. Aside from aquatic plants, they are also known to feed on insects, snails, and worms. 

While these animals help in controlling vermin, remember that they are your pets first and pest controllers second. Check on them regularly, and never risk their lives for a possibly venomous creature. It will be better to rely on pest control Gilbert AZ for your exterminations.